Welcome to NeoTribalist Films

NeoTribalist Films is an independent film group based in San Diego, CA. The mission is to tell stories about the human spirit which is ignited when overcoming adversity. The adversity we focus on is the clash between visionaries and the unstoppable advancement of a civilization which has spread since the beginning of the agricultural revolution. A struggle? Hasn't the agricultural revolution liberated humanity from a darker time? Some, perhaps even most, would say yes. But for those who have explored the ideas of new tribalism, intentional communities, or the writings of Daniel Quinn, true liberation may come in accepting there is a richer and more powerful story behind the the one we've been told--or sold, metaphorically speaking. Our goal is to tell stories that allow us to lift the veil of mother culture and peek into the unknown, carrying with us only our torch ignited by a single thought; what if the story we were told was wrong?